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What Can I Do at Home?


  • Use non-gasoline powered yard maintenance equipment, or purchase 4-stroke engine models that release fewer emissions.
  • Use household and garden chemicals wisely. Avoid using oil-based paints or other hazardous household solvents, and be sure to read labels for proper use and disposal. When painting, apply paint with rollers and brushes instead of sprayers to cut down on fumes. When cleaning, try baking soda or other "natural" products.
  • Use a gas or electric grill instead of charcoal and lighter fluid when barbecuing.
  • Keep your air conditioner set at 78° in the summer, and furnaces at 68° in the winter, to lessen the need for electricity from coal burning electric plants; this also uses fewer CFCs. Or just use a fan in the summer. Also consider unplugging unused appliances to conserve electricity.
  • Avoid purchasing furniture made of particleboard and plywood that contain many glues and chemicals that emit fumes over time.
  • Use woodstoves and fireplaces sparingly. When burning, use only untreated wood in a well-maintained stove or fireplace to cut down on particulate matter pollution.
  • Refrain from burning trash or yard waste, as this also contributes to particulate matter pollution. Consider recycling or composting instead.
  • If you use a gas lawnmower, reschedule your mowing to non-Clean Air Action Days, or wait until evening hours. Check out the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's tips for "Clean Air Lawn Care."
  • Work at home, if possible. If you commute, walk, bicycle, take the bus, or carpool.
  • Sign up for Clean Air Action Day e-mail notifications or call our hotline for up-to-date information on air quality forecasts.
  • Get involved with your local schools: urge your school and the local school district to develop anti-idling policies for buses.
  • Contact your Federal Senators and Representatives and let them know that you are concerned about air pollution.


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