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What Can I Do in the Workplace?


  • Keep all machinery and vehicles well tuned.
  • Allow telecommuting, compressed workweeks, conference calls, and flextime in order to eliminate or stagger commuting trips.
  • Help your local electric utilities reduce air pollution by conserving energy at the office. Set the thermostat a little higher in the summer. Participate in your local utilities' load-sharing and energy conservation programs.
  • Encourage carpooling among employees. Offer financial incentives for those willing to share rides, or reserve prime parking spaces.
  • Advocate the use of public transportation. Many companies subsidize bus tickets for their employees on a regular basis.
  • Institute casual dress day as an incentive or reward for employees who commute to work by foot or bicycle.
  • Brown bag your lunch, or walk, instead of driving to a restaurant.
  • Reschedule lawn and landscape maintenance, parts cleaning, and/or spray painting, to non-Clean Air Action Days, or wait until evening hours.
  • Refuel fleet vehicles during evening hours, either on the day before or on a spring or summer Clean Air Action Day.
  • Keep employees aware of the Clean Air Action effort by publishing articles in the employee newsletter; posting awareness signs at exits, break rooms, and copy rooms; broadcasting via voicemail and e-mail when a Clean Air Action Day has been called; or having a letter from the CEO establishing the organization's commitment to improving air quality.

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The West Michigan Clean Air Coalition is a partnership of businesses, academic institutions, government agencies, industry, and non-profit organizations in Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon, and Kalamazoo counties working together to achieve cleaner air in the region through the education and promotion of voluntary emission reduction activities.

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